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How To Increase Website Traffic Through Google

How To Increase Website Traffic Through Google

What you need to know now. Find out how to get started.



How To Increase Website Traffic Through Google


What is SEO? How is it used to help improve your website traffic levels through the Google search engine?


Although there is a certain rationale to applying the term ‘guru’ to leaders in the digital marketing industry, it’s a phrase I find over-used and misleading. A guru by definition is “an influential teacher or a popular expert”, and although flattering to the one bestowed this title, it reinforces the idea that digital marketing, including the marketing discipline of search engine optimization (SEO), is somehow magical and not to be understood by the average business-person.

How To Increase Website Traffic Through Google

Enough already. Do you use Google? Of course you do.


As a consumer you likely visit the Google search engine several times a week to research a topic of interest, or to find reviews on a product you are about to purchase. And when you do use Google you always go about the process in the same way; you enter keywords into the search bar that corresponds to your topic-of-interest, and then you sift through the resulting webpages that Google provides to you. No big deal, and using this consumer view-point, it’s not so hard to see what Google wants, and to understand the primary needs that your business website requires to acheive higher website rankings on the search engines.

Now, remember those keywords you typed into Google? Those are important. At the heart of it all it is what any marketing team conducting SEO is trying to accomplish — getting those keywords you typed into the Google search bar to result in your website being displayed by Google in the search results. You want your website to rank as high as it can for these keywords. And by ‘as high as it can’ what you really mean is that you want your website listed on the first page…and really, by first page you’re actually wanting the top spot on the first page.

Top spot on the first page of Google is a place that many ‘gurus’ say they will attain for you, no problem, in fact it’s something they say to all prospective clients. The reality is that maybe you can have top spot with enough time and focus on your specific needs, but then again, perhaps not. The road to finding this position is knowing if your website is ready to attain this position. Specifically, it’s working your website to become technically sound, with the right keywords connected to the right content, with the right type of links pointing to it in order to attain those coveted postions on Google. And then it’s taking it one step further — does Google know your website exists at all? Don’t worry, we have ways of checking with Google to be sure.

Now you begin to understand the trinity of influence that will improve your website rankings: 1) the need for a technically sound website, 2) well-structured content with well-researched keywords, and 3) quality links pointing to this website from other sites on the Internet giving your site a ‘vote of confidence’ in the eyes of Google.

So let’s begin to help you and your company's website to rank better on the search engines. And let’s start with the most important question, what keywords do you want to rank for? All of them? Sorry, that is so 1998, and very unlikely in the competitive online market of 2017. Do you want to rank for a handful of specific terms, used by your customers, that relate directly to your prime products or services? Perfect, that we can do. In fact this is exactly where we at CPG Media start — finding an ideal keyword roster that real people use to search for your products and services. This is the catalyst. This is how your business website begins to rank well on the search engines.

Are you interested in improving your website traffic through Google? We are ready to help. Give us a call.


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