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Our Business Coaching Ideals are Rooted in the Basics of Business Success


Our expertise will take your company to new levels of success, achieving goals for Calgary and area businesses and business management.


We have helped many owners with the struggle of being in a slump or when wondering what is next. We get them thinking of business as being fluid and keep them away from paradigms because sometimes they will keep you from acheiving your goals.


Every business is in the business of making cash and to help with that we have a comprehensive team including several expert coaches with specialties in cashflow management, budgeting, marketing, human resource management, financial and strategic planning, project management, sales generation, web development, search engine optimization, lead generation, web strategy, social media, business structure and core business planning just to name a few.

If we can't solve the problem our clients have we work closely with many strategic partners to offer our clients business solutions for almost any situation they may have including financing, accounting, legal, collections and estate planning.


CPG Media focuses on the business owner and the business, not as one but individually. After all the business owner may not own this business forever so meeting the goals of the owner along with that of the business is paramount in the practice of business coaching. We strive to meet the goals of our clients by first making sure that our clients have strong personal goals and plans that will provide for the foundation of what we will build on.


Every business is in the business of making money. CPG Media's Business Coaching Services help businesses succeed with this goal. Our business specialties include:


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