Common Misconceptions About Your Web Presence


Your web presence does not exist in a bubble. It is not a stand-alone, build-it-and-done-item. Instead the web presence for your business is a multi-faceted online tool.


hub and spoke

Your business web presence not simply your website, and it’s not just your Facebook page. It’s not merely a way to showcase your products, nor is it just a vehicle to provide your contact information online. Your web presence is ALL of these elements and more, co-existing together along the many touchpoints across the Internet where your clients and potential customers are found.


Did You Know:



In the 21st Century, Your Business Success Is Dependent Upon A Successful Web Strategy.


As you can see, your web presence has become very important to the growth and sustainability of your business. Know this — your web presence starts with your website and extends from there, like a wagon wheel, reaching out to the rim with various approaches where your customers are online. It looks something like the hub-and-spoke diagram above.


So let’s get started with a good plan. CPG Media will establish an approach with you to best approach your improved web presence to reach your customers online.


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