Andrew Small ImageAndrew Gowers

General Manager

After being formerly trained and working as a chef CPG Media's founder,  Andrew Gowers,  entered into a career in the powersports industry. Andrew worked for almost 18 years in senior management roles for such companies as Harley-Davidson of Southern Alberta, Blackfoot Motorsports, Parts Canada and Kimpex. During this time, Andrew was formally trained by such major retailers and manufacturers such as Harley-Davidson, BMW, Honda, Suzuki and Kawasaki  in business operations, marketing, general management, human resources, customer service, purchasing and various other management processes. Andrew completed his Project Management certificate at Mount Royal University, which he uses regularly to operate his business's and to assist his business coaching clients in effectively running and maintaining their businesses.

Andrew has always been very entrepreneurial and started his first business in Calgary in 1997, Merry Maids Calgary. Andrew sold Merry Maids to enter into a purchase agreement to buy Harley-Davidson of Southern Alberta. After several years of working in the distribution and manufacturing side of the powersports industry Andrew started Canadian Powersports Group Inc in 2006, CPG.  CPG developed an online social media website for powersports enthusiasts. From there he went on to form CPG Media, where he helped small to medium sized business owners and their management teams as a Business Coach with business operations and management, corporate structure, financial management, human resources, customer service training, exit strategies and assisting in getting their business's to a turnkey operation. Andrew then saw the need for websites and search engine optimization for his clients that was cost effective while providing his clients with the highest level of success. He searched out a few great people in Chris Lamb and Jen Levacque, who now form the main management team for CPG Media and a big reason for our success. Andrew believes that every business that has good people and good processes can make good profits and provide exceptional service to their customers and stakeholders.

Besides CPG Media, Andrew also operates or has an interest in other business's, one being Syndicated Business Solutions, known as SBS. SBS was open in 2010 with his two partners, who are accountants from RMI and Associates. SBS provides corporate services including opening corporations, providing minute books and minute book updates, performing corporate returns, consulting on corporate structure, assisting in corporate and partnership contracts, performing fair market valuations for business's, assisting in estate planning and providing various other corporate advice.

Mailing Address: 221, 204 - 1440 52nd St. NE
Calgary, AB T2A 4T8