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The Cardinal Rules of Customer Perception

The Cardinal Rules of Customer Perception

Your marketing efforts require less input from you, and more input from your customers.


The Cardinal Rules of Customer Perception


In all of my years of experience working with large retailers such as Harley-Davidson, BMW and Honda I was taught something very important: I call it the cardinal rule of customer perception.


There is a specific way of marketing to a business's niche clientele, but it gets overlooked by small to medium sized clients over and over again. Many business owners and management teams seem to forget that neither they, nor their employees, are their customers. In thinking this way they tend to enter into a marketing initiative, advertising campaigns and customer service processes by placing too much emphasis on how they want or feel it should be done. This can be very detrimental to the success of the initiative and the efforts of the business.

I try to teach my team here at CPG Media, and our business consulting clients, that we should not worry so much about what we as a team think of a marketing campaign, an advertisement, or a promotion or a service that we provide. Instead what really matters is finding answers to these questions: How it will make our customers feel? How will our customers perceive it? Will they embrace it, and will they accept it and most importantly how will they act on it? After all it is all about our customers, not us, and if we provide them what they seek we will always have a chance to be successful. So remember, the next time you're trying to put together a marketing initiative, an advertising campaign or promotion, make it a great one by asking your customers what they think before you implement and launch. Your customers can be your best steering committee and you might be surprised what they have to say.

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