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CPG Media Hosting

CPG Media Hosting

In 2012, our clients came to us with a problem. They wanted a cost effective website and they wanted it hosted locally. CPG Media listened, started offering this service and are happy to say, many clients are still with us today!  We like to think we go well beyond the services you might receive from the many budget hosting companies by providing premium services.

CPG Basic & CPG Extra are shared hosting packages and are paid annually. Shared hosting allows multiple users to share the resources of one of our secured servers, making it the most cost effective option. Don’t worry! We ensure each of our clients’ accounts have plenty of storage space and bandwidth while limiting the number of accounts on any shared server.  By not overcrowding any one server, all of our clients can enjoy top performance at all times!

If you are in need of additional services not listed in our packages, such as a dedicated IP address or dedicated server, please contact us and we will make a custom hosting plan just for you.

CPG Media offers competitive hosting packages that meet your business needs.

Fast – Reliable – Local

Local Servers

Your business website hosted locally on CPG Media-owned Canadian Servers. We recently completed a major upgrade to our servers to offer fast, reliable, and secure host accounts to our clients.


Newly upgraded and super fast, our servers are reliable and secure. We keep them located in a temperature-controlled secure environment, with multiple power grids, generator and UPS back-up so your website is there when you need it .


Our Canadian-owned local servers offer the most current and comprehensive security on the market today. CPG Media ensures our server environments is always secure. One way we do this is by offering additional applications to provide extra levels of needed security for our clients.

Bandwidth and Speed

When we benchmark our servers against competition’s that have local Canadian servers, CPG Media servers rank as some of the fasted available. And, we offer large basic bandwidth to our clients.

Application Support

Our CPG Media team will work with you to ensure that your website is getting the maintenance and support that you need. We have several customizable monthly packages available to maintain, update, and keep your site secure.


We back up our server at the local facility on a daily basis which includes our hosted account files, databases, and C Panel configuration.  Offsite backups are also run on a regular basis just in case!