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With such a crowded field of web design companies, hosting companies offering “build it yourself” applications, and the multitude of software formats to consider, choosing the right company to work with to establish or improve your digital presence becomes an important business decision. 

Our goal at CPG Media is to provide our clients a professionally designed website that meets your businesses needs as well as showcases who you are to the world while working with you on your SEO, Social Media and Business in general.

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CPG Media has almost 15 years experience in website developement, branding and marketing. We have a team of dedicated, local developers and never outsource our services. We offer a Free 1 hour consult and can perform a comprehensive analysis of your website.


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Responsive Design

Current website design projects require that they can be easily viewed in any screen resolution or screen size.  Responsive design adds coding that will recognize the device and scale your site automatically.  

Mobile Friendly

Since a majority of web browsing these days is done on a mobile device, we ensure all new site projects and site upgrades are compatible with mobile devices using the latest responsive coding.

Lightweight & Fast

Each new site is constructed with page size and loading speed in mind.  This adds to mobile usability, is a plus for SEO, and makes for a better user experience when visiting your site. 

Recent Web Design Clients

With our help, you will be ready to take your business, brand and marketing to the next level.

e-commerce options

Adding an online store is a great way to expand sales beyond your current market as well as providing additional convenience for your current customers to stay competitive in today’s world.  Trends over the last several years show an ever growing preference to shop for goods and services online before ever actually walking into store to make a purchase.  Integrating E-Commerce to your business web site is a great way to potentially increase overall sales by providing the opportunity for every site visitor to be converted into a new customer.

Examples of E-Commerce Software

Popular Formats

Woocommerce  WordPress E Commerce
Shopify E Commerce
Lightspeed E Commerce

Each of these popular platforms are just a sample of the literally hundreds of e-commerce business solutions available.  At CPG Media we will help guide you through which choice is right for your business, what the potential investment will be, and…


Woo Commerce operates within the WordPress platform and can be a great choice depending on your requirements.  With literally hundreds of add-on extensions, custom store front layouts, and other features it is a popular choice for WordPress users.  It’s a free plugin to start, many of the basic add-ons to get started are also free and can make for a cost effective way to get started.  Beyond that, it can be scaled for just about any need.


Shopify is a subscription based service popular for its ability to scale for any need, from small online stores, to enterprise-level e-commerce, point of sale integrations, and more….


We chose Lightspeed due to the popular adoption of the Lightspeed point-of-sale (POS) tool amongst the retail industry. A rich app ecosystem allows our project managers to build our clientele with an e-commerce presence that shows cases products within beautiful websites that convey your company brand.