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Westridge Electric Website Relaunch / Maintaining Presence Online


A CPG Media Case Study

Westridge Electric wanted a new website to increase customer conversion. In doing so, however, they were concerned that launching a new website would undo the SEO successes they had achieved. CPG Media was hired to both build the new site and ensure consistency in SEO ranking post-launch.

WE Site Screenshot


The Problem:

Westridge Electric’s SEO efforts were paying off and the website was receiving more organic visitors, but the website was not converting these potential customers.  The average duration of the visits and number of pages viewed per visit were lower than desired.


The Cause:

The cause of this issue was determined to be the layout and functionality of the current site.  The website was full of great content but the web pages looked cluttered and outdated. The menu structure didn’t work for the content and led to complicated navigations for visitors.  The content management software was outdated and not easily customized.


The Proposed Solution:

The best possible solution was determined to be the creation of a new website. This would address Westridge Electric’s two main requests:

a.) They wanted to change the navigational structure to better suit their business model and to streamline the website for customer interaction.  
b) They wanted a modern looking layout to appeal to a wider audience and ultimately convert more visitors to customers.


The Concern:

Westridge Electric was concerned that their SEO would be negatively impacted during and after the launch process. They were currently ranking well for their chosen keywords and didn’t want to lose ground and lose those organic visitors.


The Process:

Taking these requests and concerns into consideration, CPG Media developed Westridge Electric’s new website. The website navigational structure was simplified and everything was made accessible from the main menu. The variety of content on each page was limited to eliminate the overcrowded appearance of the old site and to provide users with specific information on each page. The on-site SEO was recreated and improved upon throughout this re-design process. A breakdown of CPG Media’s SEO efforts on the Westridge Electric website development project can be found in the table below.


The Results:

The new website was launched on February 2, 2017.  Year-over-year in the three months following the launch, Westridge saw an increase in visit duration and number of pages viewed while maintaining organic traffic. Google Analytics Report of Organic Traffic Sessions February 1 to April 30, 2017 vs. February 1 to April 30, 2016.

WE Organic Traffic Sessions Feb to Apr 2016 vs 2017


 The Results Breakdown Is As Follows:

- Organic traffic sessions increased 3.18%
- 692 organic sessions in 2016
- 714 organic sessions in 2017
- Number of Pages viewed per organic session increased 12.70%
- 2.43 pages per session in 2016
- 2.74 pages per session in 2016

- Average organic session duration increased 75.41%
- Average of 1:38 minutes per session in 2016
- Average of 2:51 minutes per session in 2017



The Westridge Electric website redesign project is considered a success. The new website delivered an updated look, increased the time spent on the site, increased the number of pages viewed per visit and maintained and even slightly increased the number of organic sessions obtained through SEO efforts.


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